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The Internet consultation counter

Consultation reception counter

Please read before having you talk

Personal information that had you fill out performs the appropriate use, management based on "ordinance of privacy protection" as follows.

  • We use personal information that had you fill out for answer, reporting to question, consultation. We may not use across objective range.
  • Depending on contents of question, consultation, we may change to the field (department in charge) except designation by judgment of manager.
  • Question, consultation except thing about municipal administration may forward to related organizations.

Please note that answer may take days by investigation and examination, adjustment.

We may contact for question, contents of consultation from department in charge.
Please note that thing which address, full name, contact information are not listed in may not reply.
In addition, as a general rule, the following cases cannot reply.

  • We slander individual, group
  • There might be personal breach of privacy
  • Thing of the same contents from the same person
  • Uncertain thing not clear purpose
  • It is aimed for profit, business obviously

Question, consultation that had you fill out is released on homepage.

In addition, for privacy protection, we do information to be released with acceptance day, title, the correspondence situation.

Please input the requirements into the following forms if you like.

Essential Please input item of this by all means.

The field of consultation Thing about other City Planning Division
Department in charge City Planning Division
The name (essential)
Nickname (essential)
Address (essential)
Phone number
E-Mail address
You wish to answer (essential)
Target page About public transport normal service (resumption) in Kurobe City
Subject (title) (essential)

※We use for indication of the correspondence situation on homepage.

Consultation contents (essential)

Information input into nickname, title (title) will be displayed by the correspondence situation of the same homepage.
Input identifying individual regardless of this person's name, please be careful not to do.