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City Planning Division

April 2, 2018 update


Various information

Duties guidance




○Person in charge of plan
 Thing about city planning, the country use plan, city reproduction maintenance plan.
 Thing about municipal parking lot.
○Person in charge of building house
 Repairs, development activity, building certification, thing about outdoor advertising matter.
 Housing development, house acquisition support, thing about municipal house.
 Thing about empty house measures.

Public transport policy group
○Person in charge of local traffic
 Thing about public transport policy.
 Thing about city public transport strategy promotion meeting.
 Thing about maintenance of the Shinkansen opening of business effect.
 Thing about traffic town development construction business.

 Inspection result of 2016 district construction acceleration grant business
 Inspection result of 2017 district construction promotion grant business
 Inspection result of 2018 district construction promotion grant business

   House acquisition support assistance is this!


Application forms

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City Planning Division
The location: 1301, Mikkaichi, Kurobe City, 938-8555
TEL: 0765-54-2647 FAX number: 0765-57-2502

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