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Disaster prevention crisis management group

Updated May 1, 2020


Various information

Duties guidance

2020 emphasis item

 ◆Maintenance promotion of emergency broadcast system digitization
 ◆Improvement of promotion of disaster prevention, genwazawaitaisaku and local disaster prevention power

Desk work contents

・Thing about operation of disaster prevention crisis management guideline
・Thing about disaster prevention crisis management Liaison Conference
・Thing about emergency broadcast system digitization
・Country is tough; thing about development of plan
・Thing about local disaster prevention
・Thing about national protection
・Antidisaster headquarter, thing about the caution headquarters
・Thing about development of disaster duties continuation plan
・Thing about voluntary disaster prevention organization
・Thing about general disaster prevention drill
・Thing about disaster prevention storage supplies


Disaster prevention crisis management group
The location: 1301, Mikkaichi, Kurobe City, 938-8555
TEL: 0765-54-2112 FAX number: 0765-54-4461