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Wildlife Damage Control

April 14, 2020 update

■Niikawa district meat fabrication plant "forest studio of akubo"

 We sell precious natural wild boar meat captured in Kurobe City, Uozu-shi.
 ※For more details, it is NPO corporation Niikawa district meat production association HP: Please see http://niikawagibier.com/.

■Supporting systems such as electric fences

・Supporting sum assumes less than a half of target expense and assumes 100,000 yen limit.
・Target expense is expense to need for the material purchase such as electricity fence to install in the city to prevent farm products damage due to the wild birds and beasts, wire netting fence, wire mesh fence, net fence.

■Rental of box trap for small animal

 Wild small animals such as palm civets are protected by "gamekeeping Control Law", but can capture when there is damage of farm products and living environment after having received permission of city.
 As rental of trap goes in the case of permission application, that damage is troubling, please feel free to contact.

■Kurobe City birds and beasts damage prevention plan

 As we devised Kurobe City birds and beasts damage prevention plan based on "law about special measures for prevention of damage to affect agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry due to the birds and beasts" Article 4 Paragraph 1, we announce based on article Paragraph 9.

 Kurobe City birds and beasts damage prevention plan (the fifth)

■About correspondence at the time of bear haunting

・Please refrain from climbing a mountain of morning and evening when action of bear is active. (please have climbing a mountain in one even at noon)
・Please harvest fruits such as oyster or chestnut around the home early. (it becomes the cause that we lure bear)
・Please do not leave non-crop vegetables of garbage and field going out of home. (it becomes the cause that we lure bear)
・Please carry out home and garage, locking, locking of shed thoroughly to prevent invasion of bear.
・When you climb a mountain, you wear helmet by all means, and please carry thing and bear repulse spray that sounds such as bell or radio come out out of necessity.  
・When you appeared frequently on plains, please refrain from going out.


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