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Unazuki Yugakukan (Roadside Station unazuki)
Opening time
From Tuesday to Sunday
From 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Closed day
The next day of Monday Sundays and holidays,
Thursday every month last from December 29 to January 4
Historical Museum admission charges
・Adult (more than high school student) 300 yen
・The small, junior high student     Free of charge
・Group (more than 20 people)  20% discount
・ 〃 (15-19) 10% discount
※You have disability certificates
 One and attendant
 We become free of charge.
 (we show notebook at reception desk
 Please do)
The fee for use
・The seeing and hearing hall
・Per hour   1,020 yen
・1st (9-18:00) 7,200 yen
Unazuki Yugakukan guide map
Unazuki Yugakukan guide map
682, Unazukimachioritate, Kurobe-shi, Toyama
TEL 0765-65-1010 FAX 0765-65-1055
E-Mail:[email protected]

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When we borrow book for the first time
・As for person living in Kurobe City, serving, this hotel that the use is hoped for, even anyone is available.
・Use of library application can confirm addresses after filling out full name, address, phone number, and give (driver's license, health insurance card) to receptionist.
・I hand use of library card. By this card, we perform desk work such as rental, return instantly.
・Rental give book and use of library card which we want to borrow to receptionist.
Rental period
・Book material (ten points of books, magazine five points), 14 days
・Five points of AV materials (VTR, CD), 14 days
When we return book
・Give book to return to receptionist
・When hall closes, please use "return slot" on the front entrance right side.

Summary of facility
(1) Facility Talk about reading room, and room lies; corner, learning room, reference library, laboratory, the seeing and hearing hall, the seeing and hearing corner, others
(2) Store material 67,000 books, seeing and hearing material (video, DVD, CD, cassette tape) 2,300
(3) Management Computer method

Kurobe City History Folk Museum
We collect information about Kurobe Kurobe's History, literature, art, folk, industry, nature and are displayed.
To plan exhibition from this

Permanent construction exhibition room
We restore one of Japanese three strangeness bridges Aimoto bascule bridge at 1/2 reduced scale and can see the figure, the structure.
Aimoto bascule bridge
As figure and structure were fantastic, it was called Japan three strangeness Bridge with Saruhashi that suffered from the Katsura River of Kintai-kyo Bridge and Otsuki-shi, Yamanashi where Aimoto bascule bridge which spanned the Kurobe River of Kurobe-shi, Toyama spanned the Nishiki River of Iwakuni-shi, Yamaguchi.
Bascule bridge is bridge which Kaga feudal clan hung at point where the width of a river that ridge approaches from both sides is narrow in earlier period of Edo era. We came and went at bridge this as way on Hokkoku Kaido where travelers such as line or writer artist doing calligraphy of daimyo's alternate-year residence in Tokyo of Daishoji feudal clan, Toyama feudal clan crossed the Kurobe River including Kaga feudal clan. Scenery of Aimoto bascule bridge is praised in picture and sentence by writers.

DVD screening "flow and Unazuki of Kurobe"
With upward screen of Aimoto bascule bridge, picture about Kurobe Kurobe's History and folk is shown mainly on nature and life of people who associate there with the Kurobe River alluvial fan.

Display store room
Display and panel
・Receipt product from pine matter dwelling house storehouse Kaga feudal lord (mirror, inkstone, folding fan box which we received from three major feudal lord Toshitsune Maeda)
・Old coin (pot and old coin) of tomorrow exhumation
・Panel display (history of Unazuki)
・Horikiri remains excavated article (we pass through chips)
・Geo-site introduction (the Kurobe River granite granite, 800,000 years containing the Japanese oldest zircon of marble, Otozawa of staurolite, wearing for the first time ago) of the Kurobe River basin
Other displays
・kemmongaryu, stone canal of junikanyosui, one-bu gold coin of kitakutsuatodedo

・There are history (steel Nielsen system rose girder as of drawbridge ...) of Aimoto Bridge, Unazuki Onsen bobbin case (hot spring water drawn from the source bobbin), earthenware vessel of the remains of Aimotoshin exhumation, diorama of display and the Kurobe River of stone implement, folk song corner.
Aimoto to firewood
There was teahouse which Mr. and Mrs. Saburo Taira ran on the sleeve of Aimoto Bridge, and there was pretty filial piety daughter called light. We married into large snake which lived in the Kurobe River which turned figure into young warrior and, on one day several years later, came back for childbirth. "Please never look in delivery house." We said so and entered delivery house. We are seen in parent when we become a large snake and can send first bath in children and tell parents by how to make rice dumplings which we brought in detail, and there is the bottom of a river sad legend to pass deeply, and to cover figure of the Kurobe River.

Legendary chimaki

Earthenware vessel (gecko) of the remains of Aimotoshin exhumation