Fireworks of Unazuki winter. jpg

"Unazuki Onsen The Winter's Tale" upon the snow fireworks display

[update day: on December 26, 2017]

"Unazuki Onsen The Winter's Tale"
"Unazuki Onsen The Winter's Tale" which is annual in Unazuki Onsen winter. This year is from January 6 to April 1…


From Saturday, January 6 to Saturday, March 31 ★Under "relievedly coupon" enjoying winter Unazuki release!

[update day: on December 26, 2017]

2,000 pieces of Kurobe River development 100 years commemorative project-limited! Under "relievedly coupon" release! Winter Unazuki Onsen…

100 beautiful moon flyers. jpg

Unazuki Onsen 100 beautiful moon story

[update day: on January 05, 2018]

It is event of Unazuki Onsen winter gorgeously
It is decoration ritsu of "month" in motif in hot-spring resort and each inn in month…

1711 famous clear water marathon 18.jpg

Recruitment of the 35th Carter memory Kurobe famous clear water marathon participants start

[update day: on November 29, 2017]

Participant reception desk of "the 35th Carter commemorative Kurobe famous clear water marathon" to hold on Sunday, May 27, 2018…

"Heap of swords" (ken) .jpg

Tateyama Kurobe Geopark movie "heap of swords" (ken) November 3 exhibition!

[update day: on November 01, 2017]

Tateyama Kurobe Geopark movie "heap of swords" (ken) November 3 exhibition!
The screening starting date
November 3, 2017…

NEW poster image. jpg

We want to control before trip! "Kurobe-shi event schedule"

[update day: on January 05, 2018]

Kurobe-shi event schedule
Annual event schedule is as follows. Of trip…

Untitled work. jpg

It is already domiciliation support business kurobede house

[update day: on October 01, 2017]

We support emigration, domiciliation to village Kurobe-shi, Toyama of famous clear water.
"It is village of famous clear water emigration, domiciliation site …

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