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Summary of 2018 original budget

[update day: on March 22, 2018]

About 30, Heisei fiscal budget
2018 annual expenditure main business
Summary of 2018 original budget

House, land pickup

Request of 2018 house, land statistics investigation

[update day: on August 16, 2018]

Please cooperate with house, land statistics investigation
House, land statistics investigation "statistical law" (in statistics of country Seki…

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Tateyama Kurobe Geopark movie "heap of swords" (ken) November 3 exhibition!

[update day: on November 01, 2017]

Tateyama Kurobe Geopark movie "heap of swords" (ken) November 3 exhibition!
The screening starting date
November 3, 2017…

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We want to control before trip! "Kurobe-shi event schedule"

[update day: on August 01, 2018]

Kurobe-shi event schedule
Annual event schedule is as follows. Of trip…

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It is already domiciliation support business kurobede house

[update day: on July 10, 2018]

We support emigration, domiciliation to village Kurobe-shi, Toyama of famous clear water.
Emigration support site is Renew…

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