We hold kurobe agriculture and Marukajiri city of meal!

[update day: on June 20, 2017]

Bustle creation of Shinkansen station (Kurobe Unazuki-Onsen Station) and PR of city special product, activation of organization about agriculture…

⑩Assembly hall, seat for the public. jpg

We started Internet delivery of municipal assembly plenary session recording picture

[update day: on March 23, 2017]

Because many people see deliberation contents in full session in Kurobe-shi council more; 2017 3 tsukitei…

Press release. jpg

Summary of 2017 original budget

[update day: on March 22, 2017]

About 29, Heisei fiscal budget
2017 annual expenditure main business
Summary of 2017 original budget

NEW poster image. jpg

We want to control before trip! "Kurobe-shi event schedule"

[update day: on June 19, 2017]

Kurobe-shi event schedule
Annual event schedule is as follows. Of trip…

Untitled work. jpg

It is domiciliation support business already kurobede house

[update day: on April 13, 2016]

We support emigration, domiciliation to village Kurobe-shi, Toyama of famous clear water.
Shinkansen commuting, attending school subsidy ...…

Dough district whole view

"Does domiciliation not have an experience marou in dough in hall of juteimu in fishing village in night?"

[update day: on April 01, 2017]

With town "dough" (is lottery) which the beautiful Sea of Japan looks like in Nature of Kurobe-shi brief time mistake…

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